Top Advantages of Using Innovative CTMS

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Top Advantages of Using Innovative CTMS

Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, December 04, 2020

The Clinical Trial Management System is the set of tools to effectively plan, manage, and track clinical study portfolio.

FREMONT.CA: Trials are humongous tasks. They comprise huge amounts of data, several people, and locations for investigation. Managing these trials in the regulated clinical research field is daunting. It involves the integration of several processes, risk management, and adherence to stringent schedules. CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) has been implemented to simplify this complex operation and bring all the elements of a study working together harmoniously under a single system. Here are some of the major benefits of using CTMS.

• Access to Accurate Information

One of the challenges in prior roles working directly for sponsors and CROs to handle clinical trials is access to accurate, up-to-date data about the trial. In some cases, it is difficult to get information like an updated site roster, and sometimes more granular like startup tracking or site visit schedules. This is no method to run a study. Having a CTMS solution offers transparency and unified study information availability, so the study team can do their work and make sound decisions.

• Collaboration

The CTMS is a significant place for members of a study team to work together and to support collaboration across teams.  Team members can partner on a single task for the same study, hoping that they are all accessing the latest data.  Sponsors, CROs, Sites, and other vendors can also work together to share the responsibility of keeping study tracking data up to date.

• Efficiency

The CTMS is a specialized productivity tool that helps the busy study team plan, track, and effectively monitor the study.  An electronic visit report authoring feature can automatically combine the visit's details, including study, site, date, investigator, monitor name, and many more. It can also automatically check that one has completed the required sections.  The Payment feature can automatically generate site payment tracking records based on the contracts when subject visits are marked as completed.

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