Vantage Hemp to Add a White Labeling Program to its Contract...

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Vantage Hemp to Add a White Labeling Program to its Contract Manufacturing Services

Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 10, 2021

With Vantage Hemp, companies can set and maintain high standards by using active medicinal components that meet strict quality, safety, and purity criteria.

FREMONT, CA: Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) provide a wide range of manufacturing services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. They can produce tiny quantities of R&D materials, large quantities for clinical studies, and finally, full-scale production for commercial use. These services are all examples of contract manufacturing. Solid and liquid dosage forms and injectables make up the bulk of the global contract manufacturing market. Many CMOs now provide API manufacturing services to their clients due to the increasing use of generic medications and complicated pharmaceuticals. To capitalize on its cannabis success, Vantage Hemp adds a white labeling program to complement its contract manufacturing services. One of the world's most highly recognized cannabis extractors, Vantage Hemp is the only North American hemp processor with ICH Q7 and WHO Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facilities. This allows Vantage Hemp and its partners to export pharmaceutical-grade CBD products abroad.

On speaking about the program, Deepank Utkhede, COO of Vantage Hemp, says, “Contract manufacturers have been helping CPG companies bring products to market for years, but technology advancements, globalization, new regulations, and standards, plus market and competitive pressures are raising new challenges. Contract manufacturing strives to balance product quality and innovation with cost and process efficiency, and most CBD companies are no different.”

Vantage Hemp gives companies the ability to set and maintain high standards by using active medicinal components that meet stringent quality, safety, and purity criteria. Custom product formulas and competitive pricing are possible with white labeling services, allowing for product distinctiveness. These extracts have been licensed for export worldwide and allow businesses of all kinds to reach untapped audiences to reach them.

The company manufactures industry-leading CBD extracts, such as oils, distillates, and isolates, strictly focusing on compliance. These extracts can be the basis for great pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic products with certifications mandated in regulated medical and wellness markets worldwide, thanks to pharmaceutical experience, world-class facilities, and a science-based data-driven strategy.

Vantage Hemp has completed the construction of its cleanroom for the production of final products, in addition to its ICH Q7 and WHO GMP compliance facilities and processes. To ensure that finished goods are made in controlled surroundings that minimize contamination, the cleanroom complies with ISO 7 criteria and is developed to handle the company's white-labeling production services.

Vantage Hemps purpose-built facilities cover over 60,000 sq. ft. and can process five tonnes of high-quality hemp biomass each day, specializing in creating pharmaceutical-grade CBD oils, distillates, isolates, and finished goods.

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