Veeva OpenData Helps Leading Pharma Companies Deliver Accurate...

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Veeva OpenData Helps Leading Pharma Companies Deliver Accurate Data Faster

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 04, 2022

As business success becomes ever more dependent on the potential to transform data into insights, the pharmaceutical companies that outpace the competition will be those that manage their data effectively and efficiently.

FREMONT, CA: Pharmaceutical organizations continue to face disruption in their market and legacy business processes. The industry is not immune to the evolving trend toward a data-driven age. As pharmaceutical data's amount and complexity rise, the available technologies to analyze this data become highly sophisticated. Unsurprisingly, this transformation also sharply increases expectations of these tools’ potential to offer detailed, accurate reports to help new business models and increased regulatory oversight. As science, manufacturing, and marketing become digital, pharmaceutical Firms must develop strategies and infrastructure to derive value from massive volumes and a variety of data. Veeva open data help pharma firms access the sector’s most comprehensive and accurate customer reference data to assist with pharmaceutical commercial sales execution, compliance, and business analytics. Read on to know more.

Today, more life sciences companies are adopting Veeva OpenData to empower their field teams with quick, accurate customer data. Veeva OpenData offers access t

o vast healthcare professionals and their healthcare organizations spanning across countries. Emerging biopharma and pharmaceutical companies use Veeva OpenData in several regions to increase field effectiveness and improve customer engagement. Veeva OpenData offers fast, up-to-date customer data so field reps can focus on developing trusted relationships with their customers. Data stewards validate and update data change requests. Through the integration of Veeva OpenData with Veeva CRM, a sales representative can search and download data faster and with fewer clicks, enabling field reps to target the right physicians and opportunities in real-time.

Many industry-leading firms turn to Veeva OpenData as a complete source of customer data to enhance sales execution, manage compliance, and offer accurate reporting and analytics. Veeva Systems is a pioneer in cloud-based software for the pharma and life sciences industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer satisfaction, Veeva has customers ranging from the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms to emerging biotechs.

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