Vesselon Bolsters its Therapeutic Platform with the Acquisition of...

Vesselon Bolsters its Therapeutic Platform with the Acquisition of Imagent

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Clay Larsen, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Vesselon

The acquisition of the FDA-approved drug will bolster the development of groundbreaking immuno-oncology drugs.

FREMONT, CA: The oncology therapeutics company, Vesselon, recently acquired the FDA-approved drug, Imagent. The acquisition will potentially revolutionize cancer treatment, as Vesselon aims to utilize the drug in the development of novel therapeutic complexes in four classes of cancer drugs: cytokines, oncolytic viruses, monoclonal antibodies, and nucleic acid constructs.

Vesselon integrated Imagent into the Vascular Encapsulation Sonication Targeting (VEST) system, consolidating the FDA-approved Imagent drugs, conventional ultrasound, and an approved cancer drug. By leveraging ultrasound, the drugs are precisely aimed at the tumor, causing it to oscillate in the capillaries to selectively open vessel wall barriers, such as the tumor microenvironment or blood-brain barrier. Imagent also allows certain drugs to be encapsulated in its microsphere and released at the tumor, thus addressing the vital issues of cancer therapy, including toxicity, degradation, and targeting.

Clay Larson, the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Vesselon, said, “Even with the burgeoning research and investment focus on immuno-oncology, once inside the body, each class of drugs have significant toxicity, degradation, and targeting issues. Our VESTTM enabled drug/drug complexes to address these common and obstinate challenges in many different tumor types."

Rhodemann Li, Founder, EVP Strategy & Finance, Vesselon

The proprietary complexes facilitated by VEST works across a spectrum of cancers and other serious diseases, addressing the most common and obstinate challenges in the different tumor types. The FDA (NDA 21-191) approved Imagent as a contrast agent for diagnostic ultrasound. The extensive preclinical and clinical evidence asserts that microspheres and ultrasound act at the capillary level to carry and deposit drugs directly to tumors. The protective mechanism prevents degradation and reduces toxicity associated with the advanced anti-cancer agents.

Rhodemann Li, the Founder, EVP, Strategy & Finance of Vesselon, said, “We are eager to combine our FDA-approved drug with approved immuno-oncology drugs to address the unmet needs in solid tumor cancer therapy. This increases the beneficial drug activity in the tumor while reducing off-target adverse reactions in normal tissues and organs. Together, those effects lengthen and improve the quality of life for patients with solid tumors.”

The novel therapy not only protects the drug circulating in the body but also precisely targets the malignant tissue, significantly reducing the toxicity and side effects of anti-cancer and immuno-oncology drugs. Vesselon is developing four broad classes of drugs: cytokines (interleukins), nucleic acids (mRNA), monoclonal antibodies (checkpoint inhibitors), and oncolytic viruses designed to replicate in cancer cells. VEST technology is crucial for the cutting edge immune-oncology products which leverage the immune system of the body to counteract the proliferation of malignant tumors.

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