What are the Advantages of Lab Automation Technologies

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What are the Advantages of Lab Automation Technologies

Pharma Tech Outlook | Saturday, December 26, 2020

The laboratories are using advanced technologies to automate it and increase the efficiency of the experiments.

FREMONT, CA: The laboratories can be a stressful place to work due to the tension of generating results while balancing the time between projects and working with budgetary constraints.

But it is not necessary that it has to be that way, because today technologies are available to alleviate pressure nowadays so that employees can experience the satisfying side of laboratory work.

Here are just some of the advantages of lab automation technology that the employees can get:

Increased productivity

Laboratory work may include some boring tasks that may distract from the more exciting ones that fascinate people about science. Fortunately, laboratory technology, such as robotics and automation software, will help them to automate manual tasks and free up time to work on their other target.   Finally, the employees might even get the time to read those papers that have been piling up.

Repetitive activities such as hand labeling and microplate handling can be automated by utilizing robots, while motorized pipettes and syringes can automate liquid handling. By helping the employees to quickly standardize and monitor the workflow, lab automation software can also save time. It helps them to bring the experimental set-up just once, then recycle the same schedule for future analyses.

More reliable results

It can be frustrating for the workers when they are happy by a result about cannot repeat the same experiment due to an error.  That is why it can make lab automation technology an indispensable addition to the lab as it can enhance the repeatability and accuracy of the findings.

They will be able to monitor the conditions and configuration of each of the experiments correctly, so there will be less space for human error, and they will have more confidence in the outcomes. The scientists will also have more time to conduct multiple tests to validate and check the findings, since the whole method will be simpler. It would be easier to collect data because they won't have to manually record anything.

Safer working conditions

By using a variety of creative features, lab c can mitigate the risk of accidents. For the tests, scientists can set safety limitations, so when they are surpassed, the program automatically steps in to shut down the reaction.

When there is a chance of an accident, it can also release warning alarms. Unlike humans, because of exhaustion or stress, machines won't make dangerous errors either. 

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