What are the Latest Technology Trends and Challenges in Clinical...

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What are the Latest Technology Trends and Challenges in Clinical Trials?

Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 10, 2020

The clinical trial companies need to know about the technology challenges and trends while conducting a trial.

FREMONT, CA: Today, cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide because of almost two million newly diagnosed patients each year. It has become a continuous trend due to which several cancer treatments are becoming a necessity for fighting against the complicated and deadly disease. Therefore, the clinical trials related to cancer treatments are also on the rise, as are the challenges that arise from the competition.

When the biotech and pharma organizations are pursuing facilities that can run the clinical trials, the options might become overwhelming, and there can be a lot to consider. Many clinical researchers have identified various factors that can make a facility stand out among another, like the role of the latest technologies in the clinical trial procedure and the ways facilities are utilizing them for their benefit.

The sites, which are innovative in the way they analyze and utilize the patient data, are witnessing immense success, especially with the help of new technologies in the clinical field like artificial intelligence (AI). However, most of the sites are not at the same stage to use such new technologies, and human intervention is still an essential part in one capacity or another to keep the data updated. The ones who are specialized and can increase efficiency during the procedure have more advantages in the competition. Furthermore, the clinical trial payment, big data analytics, and patient engagement solutions are the most trending technologies that involve mobile health and electronic health records as its use is increasing among the companies.

It is also necessary to consider other factors when it comes to competition in the clinical trial field. Some of the things that the clinical trial organizations must keep in mind while conducting trials are site selection, research process timeline, operational challenges, and patient enrolment. It is also necessary for them to plan successful oncology trials and design a study efficiently.

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