What are the Qualities to Look for While Choosing a CDMO Partner?

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What are the Qualities to Look for While Choosing a CDMO Partner?

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 30, 2021

When it comes to selecting an outsourced manufacturing partner, it is advisable to consider the changing business requirements. After all, it is about embarking on a partnership that can last forever.

FREMONT, CA: Over the past few years, contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) have come ahead of the curve in terms of adopting new technologies.

There are hundreds to pharmaceutical CDMOs available to choose from; however, it is quite a daunting task to pick the right one. The following are a couple of deciding factors that remain consistent industry-wide.

Culture Fit

Two enterprises with distinct cultures can function together, but this might be analogous to workers who don’t share similar values as their organisations. Partnering organisations need to share similar values for building a long-lasting relationship and bringing multiple products to market.

Some of the cultural aspects of CDMOs that can make great partners include:

Candid Communication: This kind of communication offers honest feedback whilst sparing room for constructive criticism. Some aspects of an amalgamation are more refreshing than consistent, and clear interactions and favourable partners prioritise direct dialogue. Open lines of communication facilitate and encourage in-depth understanding and greater compatibility between partners.

• Long tenured employees: Long-tenured workers contribute to the strength of the partnerships and reduce risk. Working with the same individuals is a perk of outsourced manufacturers that are small in size, and this helps in building trust. This can prove to be a priceless asset when it comes to handling large, sophisticated batches or technology transfers in initial phases of development.


It is very pressing for pharmaceutical organisations to keep the quality on the top of their priority list and think long-term.

This means placing less weight on the pricing and putting more emphasis on factors that contribute to the finest quality, such as:

• Capacity: In the past few years, variations to the one-stop-shop model have developed ambiguity around the capacity problem. For instance, CDMOs of small-to-medium size now possess the ability to move products from clinical trials via commercialisation through handling their own outsourced partners. The CDMOs are capitalising on a competitive advantage that has developed via years of experience in the industry whilst their partners enjoy the privilege of collective expertise.

• Reputation: The CDMO that does not overpromise and continually provide a high-quality product on schedule is considered the hidden gem of the outsourced manufacturing industry. Dependable indicators are reputable, and long-lasting outsourced manufacturing partners are expansions and investments in advanced technology. Successful relationships result in CDMOs increasing the technical competency for supporting longstanding, mutually beneficial arrangements as they get ready for future demands. 

The requirements of pharmaceutical clients are changing, and more proficient delivery models are coming into existence. With this continual flux, the reliable partner, who gives priority to culture and quality and understands the complexities that define a brand, is an indispensable element to success.

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