What are the Top Functions Available in Veeva CRM?

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What are the Top Functions Available in Veeva CRM?

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 28, 2022

The restructuring of Veeva CRM will help to offer customers with a versatile solution to perform efficient operations. 

FREMONT, CA : In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, life science brands are reinventing HCP communications. The number of Veeva CRM Approved Emails increased three times from February to November 2020, with field representatives hosting 70 times more Veeva CRM Engage Meetings. 

With this rapid change in customer service activities, it is important to deliver skills to meet the needs of a dynamic industry. The commitment to product quality and rapid innovation allows new digital capabilities and channels to be implemented rapidly by Veeva customers. They are continuously reimagining Veeva CRM to provide customers with a versatile solution to suit the way they operate.

Salesforce Lightning Business Apps for Veeva CRM

Veeva CRM Lightning Business Apps offer users a customized experience with features focused on various roles and tasks. Based on company requirements, Veeva CRM offers four Lightning Business Applications to use and customize. Every app is included with the Veeva CRM license and provides Tabs, Views, and Page Layouts configuration by default:

• Brand Operations App: Offers insights into the brand, use of the content, and channel efficiency.

• Key Account Manager App: Prioritizes the processes of account preparation and execution necessary for teams to manage key accounts.

Veeva CRM Dynamic Attributes

Veeva CRM Dynamic Attributes allow business end-users to easily add new data fields to Veeva CRM without IT support and gather additional details about healthcare professionals and their organizations. The attributes are shown on the account page layout in a specialized segment, separating them from the regular account fields.

In avoiding the need to burden the IT team for assistance, this new functionality empowers business users. It is easy to collect account data, such as precise targeting and consumer segmentation, and it improves go-to-market planning.

Veeva CRM MyInsights Visualization Sharing

Veeva CRM MyInsights Visualization Sharing helps users to share visualizations of MyInsights using sharing behavior for iOS. The new functionality helps end-users to exchange information with people who do not have access to Veeva CRM from personalized visualizations.

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