What Does the CMO Landscape in Asia Look Like?

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What Does the CMO Landscape in Asia Look Like?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

CMOs are an essential part of the biopharmaceutical industry as it offers them cost-effective alternatives. 

FREMONT, CA : CMOs are irrefutably a crucial component of the biopharmaceutical industry, allowing biologics to be generated efficiently in large quantities. For biopharmaceutical companies without the in-house ability to handle large-scale manufacturing, they also offer a cost-efficient alternative. With new CMOs growing year after year and the needs of biopharmaceutical companies growing, it is critical that they fully equip themselves with the awareness of these CMOs and with the options available to them. It will certainly govern their strategic and business decisions in the upcoming years.

Therefore, due to the importance of awareness of the CMO space, IMAPAC surveyed the brand perception of contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) in Asia in the early half of 2020. The survey was conducted in APAC, Europe, and the Americas with biopharmaceutical and major pharmaceutical companies, and feedback was collected on the CMOs of their choice in each area and the potential reasons for selecting them.

Companies like Daewoong Pharmaceutical, GC Pharma, Taimed Biologics, Janssen, and more were among the survey respondents. The respondent firms are either actively developing their products in-house, outsourcing their production to a CMO, planning to produce their products in-house in the future, or looking to outsource to a CMO.

The type of equipment and technology the CMOs use was to inspire their choice of CMO. Other factors cited were the number of successful projects completed, years of industry experience, costs, creativity in facility design, and more.

The Asia-Pacific Biologics CMO Facilities report has brought together all the popular CMO of the industry and a complete range of its plant capabilities that could help them explore the facility's size, ability, and available batch sizes. It explores the CMO facilities, outlines the site, the year its facility was built, and review its systems of speech, and more. It centralizes GMP certifications and, in the next three to five years, covers the growth plans of CMOs. Most significantly, it provides users with the expertise to make smart business decisions about production strategies.

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