What is the Role of Technology for CROs?

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What is the Role of Technology for CROs?

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 06, 2020

The pandemic has driven an accelerated requirement for remote monitoring, and CRO’s are adapting quickly to help sponsors embrace remote and virtual methods.

FREMONT, CA: The global pandemic continues to drive profound transformations in clinical trials. According to a survey, approximately 65 per cent of trials have been affected by COVID-19. Additionally, site access has been reduced by 50–80 per cent; Sponsors’ dependence on CROs to adapt to these transformations has never been higher. A CRO’s technology partner can play a significant role in absorbing some of these hurdles to ensure that they can offer the latest in trial performance, data science, and clinical intelligence for their sponsors. Working with the technology partner to deploy the latest technology can help firms be the first to adapt and meet the demand for virtualization, focus on patient-centricity, safety, and compliance, to become a preferred site solution provider.

A significant technology partner positions CROs to employ, respond and outperform in any trial environment—even during a global pandemic. COVID-19 continues to revamp clinical trial operations with continuously evolving hurdles for the patient experience, site enablement, data collection, and overall trial integrity. To overcome these hurdles, CROs are called upon to offer rapid responses to unprecedented numbers of deviations across sites and patients. CROs invested in technologies offering a broad continuum of virtualization solutions are best positioned to respond to sponsors’ urgent needs.

Considering the global pandemic and technology innovations such as AI and remote collaboration, being first to adapt generates an opportunity to gain the edge to compete and outperform. Data provides a proven, unified suite of tools, including patient-reported outcomes, statistical analysis, protocol optimization, and patient consent to respond to the shifting demands. Sponsors increasingly turn to CROs to fulfil patient recruitment within the trial, with vital endpoints like reaching a certain percentage of first visits by a certain time and concluding the trial on schedule.

CROs using agile technology are developing on this momentum to transform the industry in a rapidly changing patient-centricity paradigm. From study comprehension to close-out, the CRO partners enhance the patient experience by merging the patient perspective with best-in-class technology for the whole patient journey.

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