Why Contract Research Organizations Require Cloud-Based LIMS

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Why Contract Research Organizations Require Cloud-Based LIMS

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cloud platforms are attractive to CROs because it enables maximum focus on business operations' efficiency rather than IT potentials.

FREMONT, CA: Scientific sectors are challenged to keep pace with the demands for safe and effective pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical devices and other scientific innovations. Contract research organizations (CROs) have become increasingly more common in meeting laboratory outsourcing requirements. They are now vital collaborators in assuring safety and effectiveness in several scientific developments and innovations. Here are some ways in which CROs benefit from leveraging a cloud-based or software-as-a-service LIMS.

Controlling Processes

Because CROs have several clients, any LIMS would need extensive adaptability. Different external organizations undoubtedly have expectations regarding how they need their samples processed. A cloud-based LIMS would roll out an over-arching level of control in accommodating these differing requirements. Even though an audit by regulators could occur, an external audit from a client can scrutinize the organization. With a cloud-based LIMS, the CRO offers assurance that they have tight control of any customer-specific processes.

Flexible Reporting

Organizations will have several reporting requirements based on different regulatory standards, and clients need their results to be reported in various ways. A LIMS solution can efficiently meet these changing reporting needs. Additionally, the task of running reports comes smoothly and on-demand, avoiding manual transcriptions. LIMS also enables consistent tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be shared with external sources, further increasing client confidence in a CRO's processes.

Seamless Adoption

Of all the cloud-powered LIMS options for CROs, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms are seamless to adopt. CROs are often smaller laboratories and are focused on sample throughput, not IT systems. A SaaS LIMS takes away a dedicated IT team; it comprises in the subscription service. Without a cloud-based LIMS, continuously transforming customer needs and CRO growth greatly increases the CRO team's IT demands, resulting in a drain of human and financial resources. SaaS LIMS subscriptions provide round-the-clock IT support, including updates, patches, and management of system challenges. The LIMS provider manages the technical aspects of the LIMS, leaving the organization to focus on its vital responsibilities.

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