Why is Alternative Medicine Gaining Popularity?

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Why is Alternative Medicine Gaining Popularity?

Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, January 16, 2023

The use of alternative medicines is increasing and is helping patients with natural and healing therapies, boosting the immunity system and reducing symptoms and side effects.

FREMONT, CA: Increasing awareness of holistic approaches to health is boosting the development of alternative medicine in the U.S., according to a study from The Nutrition Business Journal 2020. In Europe, new research and healthcare innovations are also contributing to this growing demand. The study also found that immunity supplement sales will increase by over 25 percent, up from 8.5 percent last year. Consumers who had not previously taken dietary supplements accounted for a significant portion of those purchases.

Alternative Medicine's Growing Demand: Alternative medicine's demand is dependent on the perceived benefits and efficacy of certain medical practices, as patients are less likely to cut healthcare spending than they are on discretionary items. Furthermore, as the number of people with disabilities increases in the United States, more insurance companies and employers are beginning to recognize the importance of covering alternative healthcare. 

In 2026, this $18 billion industry is expected to generate revenue of $210.81 billion, expanding 17.07 percent. The growing use of natural supplements, as well as health insurance initiatives that include health coaching, are creating revenue-generating opportunities. Around two-thirds of the population surveyed in developed and developing countries reported using alternative medicine or working with an alternative healthcare provider.

Model of Collaborative Care: Chronic diseases, long-term pain, and more are driving the need for alternative healthcare practitioners and health coaches now more than ever. The lack of time patients gets with their doctors and doctors who prescribe pills for every illness dissatisfy patients. According to patients, the conventional model is not working, and they are now seeking and demanding alternatives. 

Taking into account what patients do on a daily basis, including nutrition, exercise, and more, will be the future of medicine. In a collaborative care model, health coaches can help patients take control of their own healthcare. Coaches assist individuals with educating, supporting, and motivating them to follow the protocols prescribed by their doctors, resulting in lasting lifestyle and health changes.

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