Why Patient Recruitment is Crucial for Clinical Trials

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Why Patient Recruitment is Crucial for Clinical Trials

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Pharmaceutical companies are using a virtual clinical trial process to enroll more patients for clinical trials.

FREMONT, CA: The primary factor in delaying the drugs from entering the market is the incompetence to recruit enough patients for the clinical trials. In clinical trials, it is necessary to have efficient and adequate patient recruitment.

However, with time the clinicians and patients are accepting the idea of utilizing digital solutions to decrease the number of office visits. Furthermore, the virtual clinical trials can minimize a few burdens from the patients participating in it like expense, time, and travel. Enrolling more patients rapidly will decrease the time required for launching a new medicine in the market because not the expense to develop a product has increased along with the time to bring it in the market.

Top 10 eClinical Trial Management Solution Companies - 2020Various reasons prevent citizens from participating in experiments like time commitment, lack of awareness, and fear of tests. Besides, most of the research facilities are situated in metropolitan areas, making it difficult for many people to participate in it. Participating in such trials can be complicated and expensive for the citizens, and the health plans and drug companies do not even pay the expense for traveling. However, many pharma companies have enhanced the recruitment procedure by applying various methods like digitalized platforms that can appeal to the patients.

Empowerment of the patients

Many patients are interested in participating in clinical trials if they can improve their experimental therapy condition. It is less likely that the patients will participate in the test if they do not get anything in return. Therefore, the researchers can interest a few of the participants by interacting with them as research partners instead of test subjects. This method will empower the patient, and the researchers have to share more details like the purpose of the research. They can also use digital tools that will notify the patient if they are eligible for the clinical trial.

Using social media and community groups

Few clinical researchers utilize social media to advertise about the impending trials so that the patients can willingly participate in it. The pharmaceutical companies can use the social media platform to develop targeted messages so that they can be used flexibly and sent to the patients who can benefit from it.

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