Why Pharma Companies Choose Contract Packaging Specialists?

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Why Pharma Companies Choose Contract Packaging Specialists?

Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, November 15, 2019

Like all other sectors, technology evolution is happening in pharma industry too. The technology revolution will help to achieve the ultimate goal, providing high-quality services for the patients while keeping the costs down.

FREMONT, CA: At present, pharmaceutical packing organizations are experiencing significant market growth. We live in an era where healthcare enterprises are looking for different ways to treat the aging population having chronic diseases. Therefore, there is no wonder that the need for pharmaceutical companies, as well as packaging solutions, is at an all-time high.

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is evolving with technology. The needs of the consumer are increasing day by day, cost pressure is mounting, safety regulations continue to become stricter every year, and manufacturers are facing the challenge of finding new and creative solutions to several pressing issues.


New serialization technology is being introduced in the market every year. At present, serialization is still one of the biggest driving forces behind the changing pharmaceutical packaging industry. By implementing the serialization directly into the pills, new questions and doubts emerge. Is the technology ready to read and interpret smaller print? While the barcode reading technology is not very much developed, the organizations are likely to witness new devices to interpret and monitor these microscopic serialized codes.

Also, each new type of drug has new packaging, labeling, storage, and shipping demands. Contract packaging specialists make sure that they are aware of the latest drug technology developments will be able to adapt their systems, processes, and production lines to accommodate the corresponding innovation in packaging easily.

Human Vs Automated Pharmaceutical Packaging

At present, the question of human vs automated quality control for pharma is making content for the countless blogs all over the web. Anyways, enough time and research have concluded that automation is the largest and most valuable investment an organization can make. Monotonous and repetitive tasks are not the best jobs for humans, especially when accuracy is very important. Along with this, another big concern is product security. Automated packaging, palletizing, or case-packing protect the drugs from any harm at a location at the time of logistics and repacking.

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