Why Pharma Companies Must Adopt Veeva CRM Engage Meeting

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Why Pharma Companies Must Adopt Veeva CRM Engage Meeting

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, January 25, 2021

The Veeva CRM engage meeting helped the companies to conduct remote working securely and monitor the content. 

FREMONT, CA : Remote working and remote solutions have never gained as much publicity as they are at present, since lockdown began in March, with individuals worldwide required to consider alternate means of meeting. It poses more challenges around enforcement and the versatility with which businesses can adapt in a space as highly regulated as the pharmaceutical industry in order not to deploy their field power on the road. The good news is that the solution was ready, waiting, and under-utilized in general. Veeva CRM Engage Meeting is the answer to it.

What is Veeva CRM Engage Meeting?

Well-known to the industries that initiating a video conference with an HCP utilizing one of the many available resources on the market (Zoom, Skype, Teams, to name but a few) is not a choice. Pharmaceutical companies need to monitor and regulate the content of meetings among their representatives and HCPs, and compliance is not assured in a third-party video conferencing solution. Over here, Veeva CRM Engage Meeting plays a crucial role.

Features of Veeva CRM Engage Meeting

Several features could be an essential expectation of software of this kind, like integrated voice and video, simple single hyperlink invitations to meetings, and a toll-free or call option. But Engage offers a lot more besides that.

Device flexibility – From any laptop, HCPs can join the meetings, while sales reps can introduce their CLM content from their iPad, enabling them to duplicate their presentation style in person.

Online scheduling – Reps and MSL hosts will concentrate on the calls with the potential to arrange meetings utilizing Engage for web users, like call center reps.

Strict regulatory compliance – It is possible to share only authorized, compliant content, so the risk of showing incorrect materials is nullified.

Activity tracking – Actions can be monitored and reported in the CRM with accepted Veeva CLM content being provided, leading to a greater degree of analysis.

Content effectiveness & HCP sentiment monitoring – Multichannel data and observations around any interaction are collected and updated in real-time in Veeva CRM when set up in line with best practice.

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