Why the Demand for Active Packaging is on the Rise

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Why the Demand for Active Packaging is on the Rise

Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The pharmaceutical and healthcare sector uses active packaging to protect the medical products from oxygen and moisture.

FREMONT, CA: Many pharmaceutical and healthcare sector products can come under strict regulatory law due to which the manufacturers and suppliers must be careful during packaging. It is also essential that every product reaches the consumer in perfect condition to be effective and safe for use. There are several things that the packaging specialists have to consider during the packaging of the products. The chemical and physical stability of the delivery methods, product integrity, packaging processes, formulation, and safety play a vital role in defining the products' shelf life.

It becomes necessary for the manufacturers to apply active packaging (AP) in such a critical situation. Health supplements, diagnostic kits, medicines, medical devices, and surgical equipment all require specialized protection. It is important to add elements like oxygen absorbers and desiccants to ensure they are entirely safe, reduce wastage, and efficient for the patients to use.

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To protect the pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies from oxygen and moisture, it is necessary to consider active packaging. The process requires protective products in or on the packaging to decrease the damage and degradation.

The quality of active sorbent technology plays a vital role in the manufacturers' success during end-user safety and shelf-life. Every desiccants and oxygen absorbers are not similar. The generic products will not deliver the optimum benefit to the suppliers or end-users.

There is a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products with different packaging requirement due to which the products used for packaging has to meet a vast range of uses. It is also necessary for them to be compatible with every stage of the packaging and distribution procedure.

Built for purpose and designed for effectiveness

There are five different types of Cilicant's active sorbent due to which it is a suitable product for a broad range of pharmaceutical and medical supplies. It consists of a molecular sieve, custom blend for both odor control and tackling moisture-induced degradation, silica gel, activated carbon, and oxygen absorber for protection against oxygen-induced degradation.

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