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Zenith Technologies and Ideagen Partners to Improve Business Process Visibility

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, October 12, 2020

Working with Zenith to deliver integrated EQMS solutions to global and mid-market life science and healthcare customers is an exciting time for Ideagen.

FREMONT, CA: Zenith Technologies, a Cognizant company and world leader in providing GMP manufacturing software solutions, is partnering with Ideagen, a global pioneer in software products, to assist customers to enhance business process visibility and authorized access to quality and risk management techniques. The new collaboration agreement will allow Zenith to deploy Ideagen’s Q-Pulse eQMS software. This advanced quality improvement tool offers a framework to identify risk and eradicates the need for legacy systems, paper-based processes, and single-use applications. The partnership comes when performance visibility is particularly crucial and will ensure that Zenith customers have access to the forerunning quality management tools.

The Ideagen Suite offers cutting-edge electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) to let organizations fulfill their GRC (and QHSE (quality, health & safety, and environment) obligations. Q-Pulse eQMS software allows authorized users to complete audits, risk assessments, and access big data reports using the business intelligence dashboard, providing them visibility into business performance to make enhancements and deploy growth initiatives.

Q-Pulse is a cloud-based system that allows an organization to complete visibility and control over their data to make sure that decisions are based on intelligence and quality becomes everyone's responsibility. Separate editions of Q-Pulse address the specific requirements of the Healthcare and life science industries. The new version of Q-Pulse launched last month following Ideagen’s acquisition of Qualsys.

The eQMS system resides at the core of GMP Manufacturing facilities. The latest cloud-based functionality of the Q-Pulse eQMS, coupled with the implementation speed,  including GMP validation, makes this an incredibly valuable alliance. The system's agility enables a broad range of customized GMP business processes to meet our specific customer demands. It is a collaborative approach in which Ideagen provides support, guidance, and recommendations in partnership with Cognizant to joint clients. 

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