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Notable Labs: A Game-Changer in Precision Medicine

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Dr. Thomas Bock, CEO , Notable LabsDr. Thomas Bock, CEO
Precision medicine has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

However, precision medicines have an average response rate of less than 50-percent, and only 15 percent of cancer patients carry an actionable biomarker and target for developing new precision medicines.

This is where Notable, a clinical stage therapeutics company, is changing the equation for cancer patients. The company’s tech-bio platform—Predictive Precision Medicine Platform (PPMP)— predicts the efficacy of a given therapy for patients without the need for biomarkers and ensures patients can receive the best treatment for them individually.

“By bio-simulating a patient’s cancer treatment on our platform, we identify patients predicted to respond to the drug in the real world,” says Dr. Thomas Bock, CEO of Notable.

The PPMP co-processes treatments with a patient’s blood or bone marrow sample under proprietary conditions, and measures the response of both cancer and normal cells over several days. Notable’s automated high-throughput workcells collect many layers of imaging and other data, integrating hundreds of thousands of data points from single cells, from which Notable’s digital algorithms, developed over years through virtuous learning cycles, establish whether the patient will clinically respond or not. Three consecutive clinical validation studies across AML and MDS, in collaboration with Stanford, MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Texas Children’s Hospital, have demonstrated an 83-100 percent precision in accurately predicting clinical responders, which would translate into an 83-100 percent response rate in medical practice or dug development applications of the platform.

Notable partners with biotech, pharmaceutical, and academic institutions in the oncology space. As a drug development tool, its platform helps identify clinical responders before treatment and conduct trials that selectively enroll predicted responders.
This de-risks and accelerates drug development while increasing cost-efficiency. Partnering with the medical community, its platform, used as a diagnostic test, improves the likelihood that patients will receive the treatment they will clinically respond to, preventing patient’s exposure to ineffective therapies and related toxicity. Notable is continuously advancing its platform cancer by cancer in close partnership with the medical community.

As a leader in developing the new class of predictive precision medicines for cancer, Notable’s high-throughput automated lab is GAP-accredited and continuously growing with every patient sample through machine learning. The company fosters partnerships with more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies in all R&D stages—from preclinical lead identification to late clinical development - to predict the efficacy of candidate drugs. For instance, Notable tested drugs for two pharmaceutical partners and identified the efficacies across patient populations, to help focus on the most promising drugs and populations, saving time and costs. In 2021, Notable started to in-license and co-develop two clinical stage hematology drugs, initiating a growing pipeline of novel precision medicines that are developed selectively in predicted clinical responders – precision medicines.
  • By bio-simulating a patient’s cancer treatment on our platform, we identify patients predicted to respond to the drug in the real world

Shifting the paradigm of traditional precision medicine to predictive precision medicine, Notable is advancing therapeutic development through better patient outcomes, lower risk and higher speed of achieving new therapies. Enabling medical practitioners to offer patients the treatment they will reliably respond to, will improve patient outcomes and avoid unnecessary toxicity, and also lower overall healthcare costs and eliminating the reimbursement burden on payers.

Currently focused on redefining the treatment for hematological cancer, Notable plans to expand and address the most pressing needs of patients across hematology and oncology, advancing predictive precision medicine together with a fast-growing number of academic and industry partners.
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Notable Labs

Foster City, CA

Dr. Thomas Bock, CEO

Notable is transforming the historical standards of care by ensuring dramatic impact for patients with its Predictive Precision Medicine Platform. They are revolutionizing how patients seek and receive treatment, and how new cancer medicines are developed, envisioning that each patient will receive the precise treatment that is most effective for them personally.

Notable Labs