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Rubix LS: Bridging the Gap between Product Innovation and Patient Outcomes

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Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO, Rubix LS Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO
At a time when demand for quality medication and efficient drug discovery for the evolving infections and diseases is higher than ever, healthcare and pharma communities are facing daunting challenges. The traditional ways of gathering huge volumes of data sets provide little visibility and insights into the genesis of a disease or the individuality of the person afflicted with the disease. In spite of having massive data sets, institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institute of Health (NIH), CROs, non-profits, and pharma companies struggle to dive deeper into the theoretical, physical, and genealogical information. Thus, legacy data delivery approaches hamper overall productivity and efficiency of drug discovery.

Lawrence, Massachusetts based R&D company, Rubix LS, is redefining data delivery in drug innovation. The company assists CROs as well as clinical and pharma sponsors in successfully completing the drug research, in time and in the budget. A customer-centric company, Rubix, designs a unique system based on the client’s needs. The system allows clients to aggregate data in such a way that they can not only harness data sets, including biomarkers and digital endpoints but also create a digital library that can be downloaded in real-time. “By understanding the precursor of a disease, we can actively predict how the disease can affect people in real-time,” says Reginald Swift, Founder and CEO of Rubix. “Using these insights, clients can model effective therapies, vaccines, and other innovative solutions that are a sure-fire way to fight specific diseases.”

Rubix designs systems from a real-world evidence perspective. To elaborate, the company engages the right patients to participate in the clinical trials and become part of the research, regardless of the process being virtual, digital, or onsite. “We understand what types of biological targets are already present with the client and what each client is trying to represent,” says Swift.
Subsequently, Rubix sets up the system along with the sensors, hardware, and software used for data analysis. The insights generated are channeled to the CROs or sponsor sites for effective and informed decision making.

By understanding the precursor of a disease, we can actively predict how the disease can affect people in real-time

Playing an active role in every stage of the drug development lifecycle, Rubix digitally transforms the R&D process. As Rubix’s system guarantees seamless data flow throughout the innovation cycle, clients can conduct virtual clinical trials easily. They can deliver information digitally across various stages and departments, including clinical trials, regulatory checks, manufacturing, and supply chain. With such capabilities, organizations become more nimble and cost-efficient in product development. For instance, if there are many complaints about a newly release drug, Rubix records that information through its post-market surveillance mechanism and turns that data into real-world evidence format. This data is channeled back into the product development to target specific areas such as gene development and gene editing for better drug effectiveness.

As a case study, a clinical sponsor from a remote location lacked valuable data related to certain diseases. Rubix entered the scene and created an infrastructure for remote patient engagement and monitoring for the clinical study. The company recruited 316 patients in six weeks with a 94 percent retention rate. It also helped the client design a customized system to recruit the villagers and the individuals in the community for trials. In addition, Rubix engaged the health agencies to undertake Phase I and II safety trial and develop a new vaccine for treating the specific infectious or deadly disease.

Moving forward, Rubix plans to partner with international organizations and enhance its clinical trial data delivery for greater research outcomes. The company also aims to make an impact on the communities in Brazil, South Asia, and Africa.
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Rubix LS

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Reginald Swift, Founder & CEO

Offers innovative ways to data delivery that assist CROs as well as clinical and pharma sponsors in successfully completing the drug research, in time and in the budget

Rubix LS