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Wellness Clinical Research: Taking Care of Research Process and Patient Enrollment

Enmanuel Corvo, CEO, Wellness Clinical ResearchEnmanuel Corvo, CEO
Even though clinical trials are the foundation on which modern medicines are developed, they meet several challenges in the process of their completion, like funding, outsourcing of the projects, etc. Among them, the most prevalent problems are unclear protocols and low patient enrollment rates. As per ClinicalLeader.com, 48 percent of research sites miss their enrollment targets, and 80 percent of the trials are delayed due to recruitment. This issue dramatically impedes the research process of pharmaceutical companies, resulting in both financial loss and delay in providing better patient care. Wellness Clinical Research conducts clinical research for their clients by taking charge of the research process as well as patient enrollment.

Founded in 2014, Wellness Clinical Research is a multi-site research institute that works with pharmaceutical companies and other medical research institutes and focuses on drug development to improve patient care. After selecting CROs (Contract Research Organizations), vendors, pharmaceutical companies, and other institutions come to Wellness Clinical Research, to help them conduct trials. The company performs the examinations and takes on the task of enrolling patients for the trials, which is often considered the hardest part of the research process. The trials are conducted as per the protocols specified by the clients. However, the company staff also speaks up and notifies the clients if they find any issue with the protocol and then help rectify it. "Strong communication, data quality, and patient enrollment, these are the three pillars upon which we conduct the best quality clinical research for an organization," says Emmanuel Corvo, CEO of Wellness Clinical Research.

Wellness Clinical Research's dedication to conducting trials is best exemplified in their customer successes. The company worked for a major pharmaceutical company that was relatively new to the clinical research space. Despite liking the initial study design, the company's medical team found ways to improve the pharmaceutical company's research protocol. The team brought it to the client's attention and worked with their team to make the necessary changes.
Zorayei Gonzalez

As a result, the company saw a significant increase in patient enrollment, something it had had a hard time with, before working with Wellness Clinical Research.

Being a country-wide recognized brand for clinical research, Wellness Clinical research understands the importance of quality research data and the need for expert medical professionals. As a result, the company follows an extensive procedure to select the ideal medical professionals most suited for the trials. During the selection process, the team from Wellness Clinical Research interview prospective candidates and tour their facilities. After selection, the company implements its procedures inside the doctor's offices. The enterprise also provides doctors with the research equipment needed to conduct their clinical research. Thus, Wellness Clinical Research ensures that the study is in capable hands and yields the best possible result.

Strong communication, data quality, and patient enrollment, these are the three pillars upon which we conduct the best quality clinical research for an organization

However, what sets the organization apart from its competitors in the market is its unique operating procedure. The standard operating procedures (SOP) of Wellness Clinical Research can be repeated in other research sites irrespective of the type of research.

In the coming months, the company is now planning to expand in a geographical perspective. As of now, the enterprise is in the process of expanding to Lehigh Acres, Florida and plans to encompass Central and North Florida in its area of operations. Parallelly, Wellness Clinical Research is also trying to set up sites in various regions of Puerto Rico, where it already has two sites, thereby wanting to explore the areas vast potential for clinical research and drug development. Thus, Wellness Clinical Research continues to provide its clients with the best clinical research tools and patients, furthering the innovations in modern healthcare.
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Wellness Clinical Research

St. Hialeah, FL

Enmanuel Corvo, CEO and Zorayei Gonzalez

Wellness Clinical Research is a multi-specialty state of the art clinical research facility. The company is proud of its contribution and service to the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Due to Wellness Clinical Research's earlier roots in General Medicine, it has access to a vast and diverse group of individuals. This gives Wellness Clinical Research a wide range of clinical trial possibilities. The company aims to help understand the many diseases currently affecting people around the world, and aid in the search for treatments. Wellness Clinical Research's large patient population and diversified referral sources enable it to quickly target and compile lists of potential candidates within almost any demographic, , expediting the enrollment process

Wellness Clinical Research