How will Veeva Systems Execute in the Coming Future?

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How will Veeva Systems Execute in the Coming Future?

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, January 27, 2020

Veeva systems, with an intelligent engagement cloud platform, can bring together multichannel engagement, commercial content, and artificial intelligence to drive smarter, compliant interactions with all customers across all channels.

FREMONT, CA: Veeva systems have been a big winner for the past years. Veeva continues to put up robust double-digit sales growth and faster profitability expansion. The cloud-based software entity can also reach a revenue milestone well ahead of schedule. The digital transformation is taking center stage, now looks like a good time to buy in or add to positions. In the coming years, there will be plenty of ways for Veeva Systems to grow even more.

Veeva offers different kinds of cloud-delivered software services like data management and customer relationship management for the pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Biotech is filled with challenges that make the industry especially volatile, and Veeva has been a comparatively stable way to invest in the space.

Veeva is known for offering customer relationship management tools. The sales force of a drug company used Veeva CRM to track client accounts and spending. Veeva's laser center on the life sciences industry and solutions that round out CRM has helped it win developed relationships with customers in spite of competition from the likes of Salesforce.

It has built out the complete suite of software tools to help life science companies bridge the gap between old legacy operations and the digitally-driven operations of the future. In the coming years, it's safe to say that Veeva will have quite a few more customers than it does today and its high-profit margins. New sales should continue to convert to a higher bottom-line enhance over time. Veeva remains one of the best ways to bet on the world of healthcare and biotechnology, in spite of the high price tag.

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