MES Offers its Services to Pharmaceutical and Contract...

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MES Offers its Services to Pharmaceutical and Contract Manufacturing Sectors

Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

DUBLIN, OH: Shopfloor-Online, the web-based product from LZ Lifescience has already gained acceptance in many sectors. Now the company introduces Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to establish electronic records in life science sector. The launch is expected to transform the workflow of pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing sectors. In US, Christian Fortunel, takes care of the operations as Vice President to extend the integration of the software in the global market.

“We firmly believe current MES options on the market are price prohibitive for most tier-2 pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and contract manufacturing organizations. Our aim with Shopfloor-Online is to therefore disrupt the sector by providing manufacturers of all sizes a genuinely affordable option to automate production management systems”, states Tim Barber, Chairman and Board Director, LZ Lifescience.

MES software can be run on PCs, tablets and rugged mobile devices with the help of a web-browser held on server or in the Cloud. It allows organizations to provide simultaneous control over scheduling, production execution, workflow, quality, and inventory - all in-place. Shopfloor-Online delivers its services by interacting with ERP system and the plant equipments. With the aid of live reporting and alerts on problems and exeptions, authorities can check the current state of their business.

“It significantly reduces the pricing barriers and complex nature of the traditional MES, without sacrificing functionality. By reducing errors, costs and waste, Shopfloor-Online will boost productivity by 25%. With this in mind, we are confident most clients will realise a return on investment in just a year,” quotes Tim.

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