What are the Latest Trends Dominating Labs?

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What are the Latest Trends Dominating Labs?

Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 05, 2021

What are the Latest Trends Dominating Labs?Laboratories can minimize their reliance on manual operations and focus on delivering outstanding product quality by concentrating on collaborative solutions and automation from LIMS.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations throughout industries are undergoing digital transformations to improve their operations and results. The most common lab trends include a solution that automates typical operations, and many of these are semi-manual or manual.

Regardless of the industry, manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, or manufacturing, the laboratories in diverse sectors emphasize paperwork to perform research. Lab staff must look to technology solutions while other departments automate their procedures.

This is bound to transform due to the use of advanced technology in laboratories. The labs use Laboratory Information Management Systems(LIMS) as part of the digital revolution. These enable researchers to eliminate errors by automating tasks, data inputs, and management.

Trends in the laboratory are likely to continue to develop, emphasizing current challenges such as collaboration, connection, and productivity. More lab trends will include cybersecurity and worker safety, along with the latest technologies and techniques to make the facility more productive and profitable.

New Lab Trends in 2021

Greater Emphasis on Safety

Laboratories and employees are particularly concerned about worker safety. Lab management will encounter additional pressures for maintaining strict processes, personnel accountability, and social separation on the lab floor as hygienic protocols become more stringent.

Contact tracing and safety inspections will be more prevalent on an organizational level, while new solutions will enhance the automation of tedious and contact-intensive jobs like sample registration.

Live events ever-more common

Live webinars and digital conferencing are becoming more common for users throughout industries or within a single company to collaborate. Lab personnel can broadcast live feeds of work in the field utilizing video conferencing equipment and wearable gadgets with built-in communications modules.

Cloud-based solutions

Workstations, gadgets, and data sources are all connected in a holistic lab in LIMS class systems. It is made feasible by cloud databases that will retain their significance in modern laboratories. It is essential because it helps to scale and sustain stable systems. Numerous integrations, data management, analytics, and more are possible due to this.

To achieve agility and scalability, businesses will continue to use cloud deployments. It reduces IT expenditures while also making upgrades and system maintenance faster.

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